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What is it?

Pamplona Card is the official tourism card of the city of Pamplona/Iruña. It is a different way of discovering the city, and you can use it to get different advantages when visiting museums and tourist locations, getting entry tickets for shows or discounts in stores and hotels.

It is very easy to use, you just have to show it in participating establishments or services, along with your national ID card or passport, and you will get the advantages associated with the card.

You can request it over the Internet and collect it from the Tourist Information Office. You can also request it directly from the Tourist Information Office or by telephone 010.

The cost of issuing the card is €1, payable upon collection.

The card is valid for one week and can be renewed as many times as you required.

It is personal and non-transferable.

It can be requested by anyone over 12 years.


  • Discounted access to monuments, museums and the city’s resources.
  • Discounts in guide services and routes around the city.
  • Discounts in acquiring entries to shows and events.
  • Discounts in retail stores and hotels.
  • Receive detailed information about the programme and activities in the city if you wish.


  • Discounts are applied regardless of the chosen payment method (cash or credit card), but are not accumulative with other offers. In the case of sales or special offers in effect, the establishment is not required to apply any additional discounts.
  • To obtain the discount, the owner must ask for it at the time the service is requested and display the card when paying, as well as documentation proving identity.
  • For hotel accommodation, one card is required for each guest, and the discount will be applicable whilst the card is valid.
  • The Pamplona City Council is not responsible for any non-compliance of the benefit offered by participating establishments or entities.
  • The Pamplona City Council is not responsible for any possible changes that may take place regarding opening/closing times of monuments or museums.
  • The card is personal and non-transferable, and can be requested by anyone over the age of 12 years.